Pursuing Passion In Fashion: Young And Fashionable #AMYGOLADIES Prisca And Evelyne

When it comes to fashion… Not everyone can be able to show it to the world. We sat down and talked with these 2 young ladies, Prisca Angelina (20) and Evelyne Gabriella (20) who just started the career in the fashion world.
The fashion industry might look glam, but in order to be success in it, it takes a whole heart and authenticity to stand out among the crowd. Here’s our exclusive heart to heart session...


Amygo (A): What are you guys up to?

Prisca (P): I am currently running a blog (Instagram and website) in hope of being an impactful role model to the people daily. Meanwhile, I collaborate with brands, do photoshoots, attend events and write blogs. Also, I am in the early planning stages in making my own Fashion Accessories Brand.

Evelyne (E): I’m currently working as a fashion blogger while maintaining my own website.


A: We see that you are 2 confident ladies whose bravely show up with your own fashion style through Instagram & Blog.
How do you manage to be confident?

P: I’m honestly still working on it daily, because achieving confidence is not a one-night thing. Surrounding myself only with positive people that accepts and love me for who I am is also one of the key. I believe that every individual is unique and beautiful in their own way, and we should embrace it.

E: It took me years to be who I am now. I used to be really shy infront of cameras, but everything changed once I realized that fashion if how I express myself. Now, I am still learning new poses because that’s what makes me different than other bloggers.



A: Pursuing career in fashion influencer world might be very tough. Did you ever struggle in your journey and what is that?


P: I think the biggest struggle is conquering the doubt and hesitation in terms of reaching my dream to be a positive role model. It needs patience, persistence and diligence to be where I am now. There were some times in my life I felt down and almost gave up, because of how vast people’s growth in this industry are. Another one is, I’m not yet in the stage where I really get a lot of profit financially from what I do. And I need to be financially independent, so only doing this is not enough.


E: Comparison. This is the worst thing because sometimes I’m still affected to it. However, I’m still trying my best to stay on my journey.


P: I came to a realization that we all have our own journey and timing. At the end of the day, I am living my life by doing what I love, so I should not stress over it. I have to be able to manage my time wisely and to not spend too much time in social media but also working on other stuffs to be financially independent. Everyday is a process, bit a huge passion, will and effort, everything is achievable!
E: Think positive and keep pushing forward. I always feel that every minute really matters and that’s why I don’t want to waste my time comparing with others. We all have our own journey.
P: I want to be an Influencer as in making a change and giving positive impacts to the people around me through my platform. To always inspire people and to build an awareness in terms of Fashion. Apart from my dream to be Fashion Influencer, I’d love to build a Brand of my own. I am deeply inspired by Kate Spade along with her fun designs and vibes. The brand is what I want my own brand to be one day, to be known globally.
E: To influence many people not just in fashion, but also to share wisdom especially with teenagers.

A: Describe your fashion style and what is your favorite fashion item?



A: Any styling tips you always have in mind?

P: I love to infuse something that makes me stand out from the crowd, let it be a fashion item in terms of cute treatments, bold colors, unique constructions, etc. Because being the same as everybody else is the least I want to be. And an advice from me is to dress up however you want, don’t be scared of people’s judgments. Own it!
E: Be as creative as you can. Wear something that will make you feel confident. Everyone has their own style, so BE YOURSELF!


A: Is there any message you wanna tell to the readers here?

P: Don’t be afraid to be different.

E: Style is not only for fashion. Style is the best way to express yourself. So, BE YOURSELF.



That’s all for this session! Stay tuned for another Heart to Heart Session ;)