Amygo is an Indonesian local brand that was founded in 2015. The passion is to create modern chic clothing with affordable price for urban woman in the real life- whose working, being productive, and on-the go. Urban woman needs productivity in getting ready & dressing up, so we always create something simple & effortlessly stylish items that can be easily mix & matched.
Easy & Practical Pieces for Urban Woman in the Real Life.

We deliver various ready to wear pieces designed, developed and manufactured in our own supervision. The most stylish, fashionable designs with excellent qualities of materials used & workmanship. The items received so many loves & succeed in every new arrival launching.

AmyGo (pronounced simply as "e-mi-go") carries woman empowerment through its name & culture. The name itself consists of "Amy" that means beloved in Latin and "Go" in English means go up and above, striving for the best and keep going. This name represents our brand that we, as a woman are beloved, and we gotta keep striving to go to achieve our dreams.


To be the one of the top leading clothing local brand from Indonesia, soon in South East Asia.


Bringing chic modern clothing that will enhance a woman's productivity of dress up time by producing simple effortless outfit those are easy to be mix & matched.

Boosting up a woman's confidence by producing a comfortable, high quality with great fitting in our clothing.

Delivering the happiness through our products & service for our customers.

Making a positive impact in woman empowerment through our brand culture.