AMYGO Goes To Binus Alam Sutera

Being an Entrepreneur in this Digital Era is not that easy. We need to compete with other great entrepreneurs out there. Last week, Thelma Kisela, Founder of AmyGo, had a chance to talk at Binus Alam Sutera about “How to Compete Boldly in Business”. If you’re one of the aspiring entrepreneur, take a note and enjoy this post! ;)

AmyGo started back then in 2014 when our founder was still in university. What drove her to start AmyGo was so inspiring: she wanted to be independent and to help her parents! In 2014, the only platform that was effective to sell is through BBM. Yes, can you imagine how hard the situation back then?

Thelma also told us to believe in everything we do, be optimistic and know your priorities! Being productive is the most important thing when you’re an entrepreneur. Set your priorities right, know what is the most and least important thing to do and get along with someone who’s as passionate as you. Going into right communities will make you grow even better and help you have the right mindset. Never let any negativity from your surroundings let you down!

That’s all that we can spill you this time ;) Are you guys interested on more topics like this? Let us know your opinion!