Pre-Order Travel Rib Set in Grey (Dapat Atasan + Bawahan)

Rp 359.000
<p>Rock the chic look with this stylish sweater and cullote! You can pair it together with pants jeans too to create a sophisticated look. A MUST HAVE!</p> <p>Sweater<br />ALL SIZE<br />Bust up to 100cm++<br />Lenght 90cm , Arm Hole 40cm</p> <p>Midi Cullote<br />ALL SIZE<br />Waist 100cm stretch<br />Length: 82cm<br />Hips: 100cm</p> <p>Material : Ribbed cotton<br />Color : Black , White , Grey , And Maroon with soft print</p> <p><br />It is a super best seller. So we decided to make the new version with different fabric and color! Achieve the look by wearing this one! The cutting is great and fabric will give the best fit. Try it</p>

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