Amygo Anagram Cable Knit Cardigan Top in Sailor Navy

Rp 308.000

This Cardigan gives you effortless chic look, with the unique knitting details and our iconic Amygo Anagram signature. It will give you an old money vibes. You can wear it as your daily outfit or some formal occasions. It’s very easy to pair with any kind of pants or skirts that you have.

  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Very soft and neat knitting
  • Embroidered with Amygo Anagram Symbol

Material : Premium Knitting

Colors : Sailor Navy, Crème, Burnt Cherry

Free Size

Bust       : 80-94 cm

Length   : 46 cm

Waist     : 76-90 cm

The colors you see on screen may differ from the original color of the product due to the settings of your display screen and different lightings of the photo.

The anagram symbol on knitted fabric may have slight slant or asymmetry.
This is due to the nature of knitted fabric, which can stretch or relax, affecting the shape of the anagram symbol.

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