Inspiring #AMYGOLADIES: Cinthya Devi Top 20 Make Up Artist by JFW

Pursuing make up artist while still in University isn’t easy, but Cinthya sure can handle it all. She is very lively, funny, and truly enthusiastic in beauty, fashion, and entrepreneur. Last year, she earned the title of Top 20 Make Up Artist by Jakarta Fashion week. How cool is that?! Aside from the busy schedule, she still makes time to stay in fit and fashionable.

Cinthya is still a college student who took Marketing as her major, yet she still manages to be more productive being a Makeup Artist. When she first registered herself to JFW Makeup Artist, she felt like she couldn't get in- simply because the applicants were almost reach 1000++, it's really a small chance for beginner like her.

Yet- she challenged  herself, did the best she could and BAM! She got the call! We all here can learn that even though we think we are still a beginner- an amateur- but hey, chances don't come twice! Just do it. Just pursue it, Just make it happen like Cinthya did!

Now with her busy schedule, she always choose a very practical outfit that are so easy to be mix and matched. Not too simple, but not too much. Cinthya believes fashion is the way we  present ourselves to the world!!