#AmyGoXMalvava is exclusively designed by us! In this collection, we created so many practical items for urban productive woman. Clean cuts, outfit sets, comfy loose dresses and edgier but simple styles are things we both injected in this special collection!

Malvava is someone we adore for her kindness and the sincerity. Ever since we met for the first time, she is so supportive and has a really great taste in fashion! Every day, she said she always try to put on simple outfits but she needs to always look neat & well put together. As one of the top leading national Make Up Artist, she aspires to dress up nicely but still comfortable!

Malvava's favorite things in outfit are comfy, loose a bit oversized, neutral colors and of course outfit sets! Her favorite color is pink & black, so in this collection we put on her 2 fave colors too! The pink color in this collection is also extra special, because it's so challenging to find the perfect pink tones (that is chic but also subtle bright at the same time).


Ladies, we always need an awesome pair of pants and a basic blouse to be easily matched with anything! More of outfit sets, dresses and tops are completing this collection. Made for pleasure of comfy travelling, easy everyday use, and a bit sassy for special occasion. Multiway of styles is also our signature; we tried to get creative to style the items!

This special collaboration is a celebration for independent ladies whose in the pursue of their dreams and make it happen! Some percentage of the sales will go to Rumah Belajar Saab Shares for disabled children and kids in rare sickness and urgent medical needs.

Thank you to all of #AmyGoLadies for the wonderful togetherness united through #AmyGoxMalvava !